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8″ Straight Showerhead Oil Rig Green 14mm


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Product Description

This 8” Straight Shower head Oil Rig is as easy on the throat as it is the eyes. Utilizing a showerhead perc for optimum diffusion, this wax rig effectively stamps out the harshness of your hits so you’re inhaling pure tranquility. A refreshing green color adds further character to this straight shooting dab rig with the featherlight but potently pure hits. Crafted from top notch heat resistant glass, this 8” Straight Showerhead Oil Rig is the perfect piece to add to your glass collection. A 14mm glass nail is included with purchase.

  • Height: 8″ inches
  • Size: 14mm
  • Material: Glass
  • Style: Showerhead
  • Type: Concentrate pipe
  • Color: Green