September 19, 2016

Friends With Benefits Program


So you are most likely asking yourself how does this work? How do I save money by sending my friends to your collective? Wait, they save money too? How, why, and ARE YOU NUTS?

It is pretty simple, You tell a friend about our amazing service,  then they either hop on live chat or give us a call. They tell the Extra Specialist who sent them on this quest for success and blam THAT IS IT!!



“What will I get out of this?”

– Let me answer simply, your next order  you will receive $10 off. So this gives you the option to really try something else or order more. It is a 1 Time offer for Each new patient you send. So simply put, you send us 3 patients, you will get $10 off your next 3 orders, we do not stack offers, but we do keep track.

“Ok that sounds pretty cool, what about my friend I have sent you?”

– well…SAME THING!! They will get $10 off their first order, and if they send us anyone new they both save and so on!!

“Why are you doing this?”

– Because we care, we know everyone has friends, and those friends have friends, we want everyone as happy as you are with our service, so spreading the love is what we do best.