Wizard Punch- Hybrid


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A potent matrimony hybrid of the euphoric Indica classic Purple Punch and the notoriously potent, Blissful Wizard. The genetic fine tuning is evident in its intense colors, complex aroma, and strong psychoactive effects. Wizard Punch looks and feels like Blissful Wizard on overdrive. The initial blast of Sativa uplift seems to keep rising well after the Indica body buzz kicks in. Concentration and focus are increased and euphoric sensations in the mind and body prevail. Both of its parents’ are visually captivating with typically higher levels of THC, and Wizard Punch didn’t fall far from the stalk. The majestic optics and alluring aroma of this strain are equally matched by its potency. I would say this is a good any time of the day. In fact it’s the kind of strain I’d like to just have on hand.

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Wizard Punch

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