Product Safety Info

There are many products on the market and it’s hard to determine if what you are consuming is safe and tested. Here are a few tips on how to spot illegitimate products and businesses.

  • Are test results posted on your products?
  • By law each and every product needs to be tested and the test results posted on the product itself.
  • Does your vape have a hologram on it?
  • If your vape has no test results or state hologram sticker on the cartridge itself, then your vape is from the black market and has who knows what inside of it.
  • Is the shop open after 10pm?
  • Every legitimate licensed cannabis business can not do any business after 10pm by law. If the place you go to is open after that time then they are an illegal business selling completely untested products.
  • Is the cannabis you’re buying coming out of a big jar?
  • We all loved the times of walking in and smelling all the big jars in the dispensary like kids in a candy store, but unfortunately things have changed. If you’re cannabis is not prepackaged with test results posted, then you are smoking possibly tainted products.
  • Are the milligrams over 100mg per package?
  • Unfortunately California’s Legislature decided to limit edibles for recreational customers to only have a maximum of 100mg of thc per package and 10mg per serving size. So if your edibles claim to have more and you aren’t shopping from a licensed medical clinic, then those edibles are not only inconsistent, but they probably have some things in there you don’t want to consume.
  • Do they post a License number?
  • Every cannabis business has to display their license number not only on their website, but in every advertisement they put out in any way. Companies that have secured a license post them proudly because of all the hard work it takes to get one so if you can’t see a license number you can look up, they are an illegal enterprise selling unsafe products
  • To report an unlicensed cannabis business, please visit: